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Accelerate Growth 

Maximise Potential

Human-centered coaching to fast-track career progression and growth for executives and aspiring executives without burnout.

Sustainable Success

As a neuroscience leadership coach, I understand the importance of optimising brain function and personal energy to enhance outcomes and performance. 


Banish Burnout 

Achieve Goals Faster

Work With Your Brain 

Stop doing the things that cause burnout – we’ll show you how.

Break free from limiting beliefs and progress with less stress.

Learn the neuroscience and apply practical insights and tools. 

The Power Of Partnership

Hi, I'm Melissa MacGowan. I understand the unique challenges faced by busy professionals. Leveraging my expertise in sports science, human performance, neuroscience, and executive leadership and coaching, I expertly bridge the gap between personal and professional growth to accelerate performance and promotion.  

I am an ICF trained executive and leadership coach with decades of experience coaching people and teams for sustained high-performance. With lived executive experience, I can help successfully navigate the complexities of change and career progression.

Melissa MacGowan Coaching a Client

Growth Accelerators

Growth support is essential to unlock potential. Do you have the support you need?  

Leadership Coaching 

Develop leaders with neuroscience backed  coaching to accelerate performance and realise  potential.   

Team Development 

Accelerate team development and performance enhancing psychological safety and accountability to drive greater growth acrsoss the business. 

Personal Coaching 

Navigate change, reduce stress and move forward with confidence to thrive in your career and your personal life. 

Leadership Development 

Your organisation will grow as fast as your leaders grow. Leadership coaching equips people with the skills, habits and mindsets to be successful. 

Alisha - Australia Post

"Melissa from Go To Grow has supported our up-and-coming leaders to look at how they can best manage their time, energy, and strengths to achieve their goals" 

Coaching with Melissa

Phil Successful Go To Grow Client
Phillip -  Supply Chain Leader 

Melissa has a deep understanding of executive realities and engages with empathy. Using a set of practical tools alongside real time conversations, I moved from self-awareness to action quickly

caroline Successful Go To Grow Client
Caroline - Senior Geologist 

It's working and I'm feeling good. I’m starting to build more habits and achievements

3 Steps To Greater Growth 

Go To Grow Executive Coaching


We get clear on what is most important for you, we set brain-friendly goals and create a customised plan to get there sooner.  

Go To Grow Performance Coaching


With you in the driver's seat, we quickly gain momentum building confidence and achieving outcomes with results orientated coaching.

Go To Grow Leadership Coaching


Benefiting from the space, structure, support and resources you embed skills and habits to unlock new levels of performance and potential. 

Growth Process

The Faster Path to Sustainable Success


Creating customised plans and programs to meet your needs and aspirations. 


Establish connection and trust laying the foundation for a transformative journey of insight and growth. 


Foster accountability and embed habits with pragmatic guidance to support change. 


Leverage new skills and behaviors to elevate leadership impact and unlock greater growth. 

Louise Weine – CEO: NAWO   

“Melissa draws on her wealth of leadership experience and her own personal journey to really engage her audience in the key messages she delivers. A great storyteller and skilled change maker. I highly recommend Melissa’s coaching and programs”

Growth Partners

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